In addition to managing and coordinating fantastic events, ETERNAL EVENT has a full range of event supplies available for hire.

ETERNAL EVENT is Malacca’s leading supplier of:

  • stages and circular stages
  • acrylic platform system – a light, versatile and attractive option that is perfect for hundreds of applications
  • drapes
  • bars
  • event construction services
  • theme props
  • bollards and lecterns
  • tables and chairs
  • marquee
  • entertainment
  • light, sound and visual system
  • all types of printed materials

Other products include

  • glassware
  • linen
  • wedding props
  • lantern
  • flower design

ETERNAL EVENT’s unique service and product offering has been the solution for events with specialist skills in conferences, product launches, corporate parties, exhibitions and weddings. We build high quality sets, exhibition stands, stages, catwalks and props that are designed to match each and every theme or occasion.